Biography of Mr. Lacombe

Guy Lacombe (1933-1994)

In the Franco-Albertan community, we remember Guy Lacombe for his community spirit. Whether with business people he invited to stimulate the economic development of the Francophonie, with educators and parents to encourage the establishment of French schools, and by telling the story of the Francophonie, Guy Lacombe has left an indelible mark in the path of this community.

All his ideas, he was sent to Franco-Albertans with humor and frankness with his communication skills. Readers will remember the Franco numerous editorials he published when he was the director and editor of the newspaper. The French radio listeners had the chance to listen to his story he Capsules Alberta then transcribed in a book entitled History Bribes Franco-Albertan. These texts are also now an important source of information for students.

Although dedicated to Alberta’s Francophone he left Alberta for a short time to assume the position of editor and reporter at the newspaper Le Droit in Ottawa, and also to work for the Department of Canadian citizenship Secretariat State of Canada. Then, after a few years, he returned to Alberta to work in the ACFA. He first served as General Manager before heading the sector Community Development Association. It is ultimately in the field of history that ended his career as General Manager and Vice President of Western Canadian Publishers.

Guy Lacombe died in May 1994 at the age of 61.