The period following the birth of a baby is major in a woman’s life. This is an excellent time to think about taking care of yourself.

In this course, everything is designed for the well-being of mom, dad and baby. The exercises are adapted to the specific situation that represents the post-natal period and specific needs: flexibility and back strengthening, toning the arms and abdominals, pelvic floor awareness and tension relief due to carrying and/or breastfeeding your baby.

These yoga classes are a great way to get back in shape after childbirth, to find harmony in this time of hormonal re-balancing, but also to develop a bond with your baby while stimulating development with eye contact, hugs and small exercises designed just for your baby.

Those classes are also a great opportunity to:

  • live in moments of well-being, harmony, tenderness 
  • regain self-confidence and be comfortable in your body
  • meet other parents and share experiences


Who are these courses for?

  • to all moms who want to reclaim their body gradually, and get back in step by step form
  • to all dads who wish to do yoga with their baby
  • babies that haven’t started walking yet
  • it is not necessary to have taken yoga before


The course is held every Monday from 10am to 11am.


Consult the monthly calendar for more details.
The cost is $10 per class (drop in).


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