The current structure of Guy Lacombe Institute of the Family in 1998. However, its history goes back to 1992 when the Federation of Francophone parents in Alberta creates a provincial Preschool Resource Centre. The center then was to accompany speaking parents in their quest for educational resources in French and encourage socialization and development of children 0-6 years in terms of language, culture, identity and sense of belonging to the Francophone community in Alberta. In January 1995, the provincial center was named the Preschool Resource Centre Guy Lacombe tribute to him for his significant contribution towards the French first language education in Alberta.

The commitment and dedication of parent volunteers and members of the families of resource centers established in the province, in subsequent years, emphasized the need to develop a social project that can better meet the multiple needs of francophone families province. Thanks to the work of an ad hoc committee consisting of members of the Francophone community, FPFA and Family Guy Lacombe, the project was realized with the creation of the Institut Guy-Lacombe family.

Its resources, its programs and services, Guy Lacombe Institute of the Family then continues its mission to help the French family of any cultural background to maximize their knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve their best.